Acta Consultancy & Trade Co. , accomplished the launch of CONFY baby diapers in the Israeli market, in mainstream Israeli accounts like Good Pharm, Kingstore and independent retailers of traditional trade all around the country.

Apart from Huggies , Pampers and Private Label products on the Israeli baby diaper shelves, CONFY is one of the few branded diaper brands that could get a competitive foothold in the market.

ACTA will be increasing the coverage of the CONFY brand in the market by accomplishing further listings;  but more importantly by organizing widespread trial / sampling activities accompanied by free samples, push girls, stands and hot sales, to encourage the Israeli end-consumer to try CONFY’s superior quality.

ACTA is also planning to launch CONFY baby diapers in the Palestinian market, where Turkish brands already dominate the competition. 

ACTA completed the price positioning, listing, regulatory work for importation, storage and warehousing and service to the trade activities with its esteemed partners in the country for this project.